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Selected by regione : Piemonte


aderente Unionbirrai Beba
Viale Italia, 11 - 10069 Villar Perosa Tel: 0121315755
email: web:
Microbrewery, producing various types of lagers: light, amber and dark, each at a standard and at a stronger gravity. The beers are available on draught at a few pubs and also bottled versions are available. They are also served at a sort of club called Ass. Cult. TRAIN ROBBER'S SYNDICATE opened Fri. Sat. Sun 20.00 - 02.00, at the same address of the brewery. The brewery itself can be visited by calling in advance; have a look at their site!

aderente Unionbirrai Birra 1789
Via Serra, 10 - Buttigliera d'Asti (AT) - 14021 Tel: 011 9921815
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio Pinerolese
Corso Torino 442 - Pinerolo (TO) - 10064 Tel:
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio di Pettenasco
Via Roma - 28028 Pettenasco (NO Tel: 0323 89666
The place is built inside an old factory, very well resored and adapted, right on the lago D'Orta road, on the right coming from Novara. The contract brewer is the same czech now working also at Birrificio Udinese. Three beers: B-Pils (5%) (decoction brewed) Marisol (5.4%) "english" strong ale and Natalina 2004 (6.5%) of belgian inspiration. All without flaws but a bit lacking courage and personality. Report by Davide

aderente Unionbirrai Grado Plato
Viale Fasano,36 Bis - Chieri (TO) Tel: 011 9473236
email: web:
They brew three beers, two fixed and one seasonal. The permanent beers are a bottom fermenting Liight (4.8%) and a Red Ale (6,0%). At rotation there are "Weizen", "Stout", and "Special". Snails, of many different kinds and preparations, are the house specials. Info by Giacu, longer review on it.hobby.birra

aderente Unionbirrai Le Baladin 5 luglio n.15 - 12060 Piozzo (CN) Tel: 0173 795431
email: web:
Producing in my opinion (but many agree with me) the best italian beers, now up to classic international standard. Teo is an expert and enthusiast brewmaster (contrary to most italian micro, they did not start with "ready-to-go" equipment) and brews exclusively top fermenting beers. Most of its ales are broadly belgian or british inspired with much personalization. At the pub we can find on draught: a golden ("pseudo-pilsen" ale), the Isaac white, the Brune (sort of a Stout), the "bitter-mild" british-style Nina (all at about 5%) and Super Baladin (8%), strongest and more complex. But the brewery is more and more specializing in bottle conditioned ales: Isaac and Super (the best seller) are available also in this way; to these they have added the somptuous Noel (9%), the spicy and refined Wayan (about 6%) and ng end 2001 the exceptional Nora (7%), a personal recreation of an Olf Egypt beer. The bottles are also available in specialized shops. For other infos, also about food and live music have a look at their site

aderente Unionbirrai Montegioco
Frazione Fabbrica, 30 - Montegioco (AL) - 15050 Tel: 0131 875115
email: web:

aderente Unionbirrai Troll
Strada Valle Grande, 15/A - 12019 Vernante (CN) Tel: 0171 920397
The place, in the beautiful landsacape of Valle Grande, brews four permanent beers plus one changing seasonal. The permanent are a blanche, called "Panada", the Palanfrina ("normal" blonde), an amber ale with indian spices called "Shangri-la", and Patela (pale strong ale). Seasonals are (or will be) a saison, a Xmas ale, a chestnut and a honey beer. Barbecued meat is the restaurant's special. Review by Giacu, full text at

Via Conti della Rocchetta 39 - Livorno Ferraris (VC) Tel: 0161 478593
email: web:

Via de Fernex 17 - Coazze (TO) Tel: 335.6879865
email: web:

BEFeD Pub n.4
Via Ariosto 36bis - Ecomuseo del Freidano - Settimo Torinese (TO) Tel: 011 8015392
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano. See also this review:

Bio Birre
Via Circonvallazione, 186 - Santena (TO) - 10100 Tel:
email: web:

Birra Pasturana
Via Poggio 4 - 15060 Pasturana (AL) Tel: -
email: web:

Birrificio Torino
Via Parma, 30 - Torino Tel:
email: web:
Brewpub opened in 2001, brewing a few lagers and a weizen

Birrificio di Galliate
via Cascina Soliva 3, Galliate (NO) - 28066 Tel: 0321/866635

Birrificio di Orta
Via Domodossola, 7 - Orta San Giulio (NO) Tel: 032290255
email: web:
Previously known as 50 per 100.The brewery was founded on 23/11/2001. we make a pale lager (pils), a red beer and alternatively a weissen and an amber; they can be sidde with plates of local cheeses and cold meats. Our specialities are fiorentina"steaks and beer-marinated steaks served on hot stone. On fridays there is live music." Informations sent by owners Prinz and Giuse. (brewing seems to be from extracts)

Cicci Cocò
Via Milanese 13 - Castelceriolo (AL) Tel: 0131585312
email: web:
Already known as a pub, started production in summer 2001 with a 6 hl. equipment.

Cita Biunda
via Moniprandi 1/a - fraz. Bricco di Neive (CN) - 12052 Tel: 0173 67129
email: web:

Strada Statale 10, 51 - Spinetta Marengo - 15100 Alessandria (AL) Tel: 347 6772916
email: web:

Reg. Mariano 27 - 14050 San Marzano Oliveto (AT) Tel: 0141.831358
email: web:

Croce di Malto
Corso Roma 51/a - 28069 Trecate (NO) Tel: 0321-1856101
email: web:

De Kip
via Alba-Barolo 23 - Castiglione Falletto (CN) - 12060 Tel:

via Lanzo, 46 - Val Della Torre (TO) Tel:
email: web:

Corso Saracco 167 - Ovada (AL) - 15076 Tel:

Frazione Zegna, 42 - 13836 Trivero (BI) Tel:

La Fabbrica della Birra
Via del Lago 2 - Castelletto Ticino (NO) - 28053 Tel: 0331 963989

La Piazza
Via Durandi 13 - Torino Tel:
email: web:

Lungo Sorso
Via Ponte Masino, 14 - 10076 Nole (TO) Tel: 011 9221809 - 339 4248608
email: web:

Nuovo Birrificio Nicese
Via F. Cirio, 41 - Nizza Monferrato (AT) - 10100 Tel: 347 9498080

Rifugio Pagarì - Federici Marchesini - 12010 Entracque (CN) Tel: 0171 978398
email: web:

Regione Valle Cagliogna, 13 - Cavatore (AL) - 15010 Tel: 0144 380013

San Paolo
Via San Paolo 24/c - Torino Tel:
email: web:

Via Nazionale, 10/c - Vaie (TO) - 10050 Tel: /Fax : 011/9631977
email: web:

Fr. S. Biagio di Centallo - 12044 Centallo (CN) Tel: 3282730671
email: web:

Località  Casaccia, 8 - Cellio (VC) - 13024 Tel: 016/3490824 Fax 016/3633114
email: web:


Baffo D'oro
S. Pietro di Monterosso Grana (CN) Tel: 0171 988151
About 120 beers, most of them belgian ales,including rarities such as the Gluhkriek served at 70C. Very good service, from tapping, to the right glasses and coasters. Thanks to Ludovico "Ludi" who found this place,interesting and not quite known!

Bar Birreria Il Cantuccio
V. Marconi 35, 28016 Legro - Orta San Giulio (NO) Tel: 032290481
email: web:
In front of the Railway Station of Orta, it used to be the pub in Europe featuring the largest number of beers, with its name in the Guinness Book of record. Still very well-stocked (over 200 beers), with competent and helpful owners. Good pizzas. First reported by Alessandro Lombardi

Chez Gaby - Art Cafe' Brasserie
Via S. Croce 2 - 10123 Torino Tel: 011 8172207
The selection is not wide but interesting (Menabrea, Forst, Schneider and Belgian); they organize tasting and beer/food evenings. Reported by Franco Tomasi whom I thank.

La Pioletta
Corso Francia 195 - Torino Tel: 0117493590
See Pub Section

Osteria Italia
Via Alliaud, 6 - 10054 Cesana Torinese (To) Tel: 0122 89285 - 339 7665561
In a ski resort between Sestriere and Claviere, has a particularly good and complete selection of Belgian beers; Renzo, the owner, is a real beer enthusiast, and often can get some rare or not distributed beers. The crepes are quite appetizing. Also available are other abbey products like wines liqueurs, jam, chocolate etc. There are a few rooms upstairs, with bed-and-breakfast service.

Piper Pub
Via del Ridotto 22 - Torino Tel: 011 251728
Infos coming from I.H.B. and another reviewer. Six draught beers, more than 300 bottles beers and a selection of 140 whiskies.


La Pioletta
Torino Tel:
Michele on it.hobby.birra informs us: "This place has a very goos sekection of more than 350 beers, mainly bottled; it is a shop during the day and a pub at evening and night."

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