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Piemonte: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Beba
Viale Italia, 11 - 10069 Villar Perosa - Tel: 0121315755 - Fax: 0121315755
email: web:
Microbrewery, producing various types of lagers: light, amber and dark, each at a standard and at a stronger gravity. The beers are available on draught at a few pubs and also bottled versions are available. They are also served at a sort of club called Ass. Cult. TRAIN ROBBER'S SYNDICATE opened Fri. Sat. Sun 20.00 - 02.00, at the same address of the brewery. The brewery itself can be visited by calling in advance; have a look at their site!

aderente Unionbirrai Grado Plato
Viale Fasano,36 Bis - Chieri (TO) - Tel: 011 9473236
email: web:
Aperto dalle 19:00 alle 01:00 (02:00 Venerdi e Sabato) Chiuso Lunedi
They brew three beers, two fixed and one seasonal. The permanent beers are a bottom fermenting Liight (4.8%) and a Red Ale (6,0%). At rotation there are "Weizen", "Stout", and "Special". Snails, of many different kinds and preparations, are the house specials. Info by Giacu, longer review on it.hobby.birra

aderente Unionbirrai Le Baladin 5 luglio n°15 - 12060 Piozzo (CN) - Tel: 0173 795431
Producing in my opinion (but many agree with me) the best italian beers, now up to classic international standard. Teo is an expert and enthusiast brewmaster (contrary to most italian micro, they did not start with "ready-to-go" equipment) and brews exclusively top fermenting beers. Most of its ales are broadly belgian or british inspired with much personalization. At the pub we can find on draught: a golden ("pseudo-pilsen" ale), the Isaac white, the Brune (sort of a Stout), the "bitter-mild" british-style Nina (all at about 5%) and Super Baladin (8%), strongest and more complex. But the brewery is more and more specializing in bottle conditioned ales: Isaac and Super (the best seller) are available also in this way; to these they have added the somptuous Noel (9%), the spicy and refined Wayan (about 6%) and ng end 2001 the exceptional Nora (7%), a personal recreation of an Olf Egypt beer. The bottles are also available in specialized shops. For other infos, also about food and live music have a look at their site

50 per 100
Via Domodossola, 7 - Orta San Giulio (NO) - Tel: 032290255
The brewery was founded on 23/11/2001. we make a pale lager (pils), a red beer and alternatively a weissen and an amber; they can be sidde with plates of local cheeses and cold meats. Our specialities are fiorentina"steaks and beer-marinated steaks served on hot stone. On fridays there is live music." Informations sent by owners Prinz and Giuse. (brewing seems to be from extracts)

B&B La Birra della Valvaracho
Località Borgata Centrale - 12020 Frassino (CN) - Tel: 340 8204639
email: web:
Production is planned starting summer 2004. Several organic beers are planned.

BEFeD Pub n.4
Via Ariosto 36bis - Ecomuseo del Freidano - Settimo Torinese (TO) - Tel: 011 8015392 - Fax: 0431917077
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano. See also this review:

Birrificio Casa del Popolo
Via F.lli Borghini 34 - 28877 Anzola d'Ossola (VB) - Tel: 0323 83031
We learn that sadly the brewmaster has recently died. The place still has good beer and food. Our best wishes to them…

Birrificio Pettenaschese
Via Roma - 28028 Pettenasco (NO - Tel: 0323 89666
Apertura dalle 18.00
The place is built inside an old factory, very well resored and adapted, right on the lago D'Orta road, on the right coming from Novara. The contract brewer is the same czech now working also at Birrificio Udinese. Three beers: B-Pils (5%) (decoction brewed) Marisol (5.4%) "english" strong ale and Natalina 2004 (6.5%) of belgian inspiration. All without flaws but a bit lacking courage and personality. Report by Davide

Birrificio Torino
Via Parma, 30 - Torino
email: web:
Sempre aperto ore 20-02.30
Brewpub opened in 2001, brewing a few lagers and a weizen

Birrificio Troll
Strada Valle Grande, 15/A - 12019 Vernante (CN) - Tel: 0171 920397
Chiuso il martedi'. Aperto tutti i giorni alle 18, la domenica alle 12.
The place, in the beautiful landsacape of Valle Grande, brews four permanent beers plus one changing seasonal. The permanent are a blanche, called "Panada", the Palanfrina ("normal" blonde), an amber ale with indian spices called "Shangri-la", and Patela (pale strong ale). Seasonals are (or will be) a saison, a Xmas ale, a chestnut and a honey beer. Barbecued meat is the restaurant's special. Review by Giacu, full text at

Cicci Coco
Via Milanese 13 - Castelceriolo (AL) - Tel: 0131585312
Giorno di chiusura: mercoledi.
Already known as a pub, started production in summer 2001 with a 6 hl. equipment.

Cuore Produzione Mescita Birra
Via G. Matteotti, 7 13864 Crevacuore (BI) - Tel: 015 768544
Brewpub. Restaurant, then discopub after 11 p.m. At the time of the report they were brewing a light lager and a dunkel, not exceptional but drinkable. Source: it.hobby.birra and Beverfood

Piemonte: Pub

Baffo D'oro
S. Pietro di Monterosso Grana (CN) - Tel: 0171 988151
Chiusa il Martedi'
About 120 beers, most of them belgian ales,including rarities such as the Gluhkriek served at 70C. Very good service, from tapping, to the right glasses and coasters. Thanks to Ludovico "Ludi" who found this place,interesting and not quite known!

Bar Birreria Il Cantuccio
V. Marconi 35, 28016 Legro - Orta San Giulio (NO) - Tel: 032290481
In front of the Railway Station of Orta, it used to be the pub in Europe featuring the largest number of beers, with its name in the Guinness Book of record. Still very well-stocked (over 200 beers), with competent and helpful owners. Good pizzas. First reported by Alessandro Lombardi

Chez Gaby - Art Cafe' Brasserie
Via S. Croce 2 - 10123 Torino - Tel: 011 8172207
The selection is not wide but interesting (Menabrea, Forst, Schneider and Belgian); they organize tasting and beer/food evenings. Reported by Franco Tomasi whom I thank.

La Pioletta
Corso Francia 195 - Torino - Tel: 0117493590
Michele on it.hobby.birra informs us: "This place has a very goos sekection of more than 350 beers, mainly bottled; it is a shop during the day and a pub at evening and night."

Osteria Italia
Via Alliaud, 6 - 10054 Cesana Torinese (To) - Tel: 0122 89285
In a ski resort between Sestriere and Claviere, has a particularly good and complete selection of Belgian beers; Renzo, the owner, is a real beer enthusiast, and often can get some rare or not distributed beers. The crepes are quite appetizing. Update: a few rooms are also available upstairs, with bed-and-breakfast service.

Piper Pub
Via del Ridotto 22 - Torino - Tel: 011 251728
Infos coming from I.H.B. and another reviewer. Six draught beers, more than 300 bottles beers and a selection of 140 whiskies.

Piemonte: Negozi

Beer Shop
Borgosesia (VC)

La Pioletta
See Pub Section

Liguria: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Fabbrica Birra Busalla
Loc. Birra, 3 - Savignone (GE) - Tel: 010 9640161
Aperto dopo le 17.00, chiuso lunedi'
The pub is only 150 from the highway exit, turning left towards Casella. The address is quite peculiar: Localita' Birra n.3 (Beer Place n.3)! In this place there was an old brewery that was operating with success in the first half of the last century: the old, unused buildings have been restored and become a nice pub and a hotel. I tasted a lager by this brewpub at a fair, before their official opening, and found it promising but not yet good. Now I could find out in subsequent visits that the beers are constantly improving. Muller lager(5.6%) has a nice, long finish, and the stronger Ambra and Rossa (7%) have a good body and balance; seasonal beers are always available, including the very good Castgnasca made with locally supplied chestnuts. Very good bruschette and dishes with cheeses and cold meats can be tasted. Thanks also to Alessio for the first review of this brewpub.

Birrificio Scarampola
Via Sanguinetti Apollo, 16 - 17014 Cairo Montenotte (SV) - Tel: 019 500196
Brewpub, brewing also kegs for other places. Started with two ales, an IPA (Italian Pale Ale) and a chestnut flavoured amber ale called AME'

Via del Piano 126 - 19020 Pian di Follo (SP) - Tel: 0187/558201
Orario: 20.00 - 01.00 chiuso il Lunedi'
Brewpub. Range of beer produced is wide: Bière Blanche, Weissbier, India Pale Ale, Bière de Garde, and more (usually 3 styles are available at a time). The brewing equipment of 200 lt was designed by the owner and built by Ell & Eff of Bolzano. Besides bruschette, grilled meats and snacks, the kitchen features arabian and african cooking. The ambient has some african and magreb looking, with ethnic music and also pop rai, reggae, afro, etc. The place periodically features thematic evenings, shows and beer or ethnic lectures. Beware, there are rumours they stopped brewing.

Lungomare De Scalzo, 50 - 16039 Sestri Levante GE - Tel: 018 541004 - Fax: 018 541004
Brewing lagers (light, amber, dark) and a weizen. Reported by Mario Brughetti.

Uncle Hank
Via XX Settembre 286 - 19100 La Spezia
Marina Anna tells us about this brewpub that should have opened at Easter 2000.

Liguria: Pub

Castello Due
Via Oberdan 75 - Genova - Tel: 0103728081
Aperto dalle 20.00. Chiuso il lunedi'.
Pub in nervi, well-known for the regional cuisine (cundiggiun, trofiette al pesto, ravioli... ) and the more innovative dishes (including an Orval flavoured dessert). The beer range is purposedly a bit limited at 30 bottles, but interesting(Bloemen, Orval, Chimay, Orkney's). Infos by Kuaska.

Das Gambrinus Haus
Via Entella, 50 - 16043 Chiavari (GE) - Tel: 0185 302846
Fabrizio inform us about this place, interesting not because the number of beers but for their selection: Andechs on tap, trappist ales and bottles from Baladin microbrewery.

Irish Pub
Via Bolzano, 23 - 16166 Genova - Tel: 010 332284
Aperto la sera. Chiuso la domenica.
Very good selection, more than 150 bottled beers, mainly belgian (including rarities) but not only. Also the tap selection is outstanding.Besides good sandwiches and salads, now the food has also some good main courses.

Pub Del Duca
Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi 3 - Genova - Tel: 010321564
Orario: 19-03 domenica: dalle 12 in poi Chiusura Martedi'
In Capolungo (Nervi). On tap interesting italian beers (Forst VIP e Heller Bock) and a few good foreign ones. More than 50 international bottles of good standard. Very good full restaurant ("trenette al pesto antique style"). Nice place with navy-style look and a terrace with a great sea view. Recommandation by Kuaska!

Via Dante, 49 - Laigueglia (SV) - Tel: 0182 690236
Sempre aperto ore 21-04
Probably the best place in the Riviera dei Fiori for the beer selection (mainly belgian). Sadly the enthusiast flemish owner, Dirk, has died recently.

Liguria: Negozi

Enoteca Squillari
Via Cantore, 266r - 16149 Genova - Tel: 010.6451070 - Fax: 010.4694538
email: web:
Wine shop with 60 or 70 different beers available. No rarities, but good enough selection of the best-known beers

Lombardia: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai BI-DU
Via Confine 26 - 22070 Rodero (CO) - Tel: 031808870
Located less than 5' meters from the border with switzerland, in the woods on top of Lanza Valley. Three styles brewed at the beginning: Kolsch, Strong Ale and Porter. It is also a restarant. They started very well (maybe thanks also to the help of Agostino of Birrificio Italiano): I could taste rhe Confine Porter and was really good.

aderente Unionbirrai Birra Stelvio
Via Roma 27- Bormio (SO) - Tel: 0342 904785

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio di Como
Via Paoli, 3 - 22100 Como - Tel: 031523800
Brewpub of huge dimensions. Brewmaster is Andrea Bravi, ex Birrificio Italiano: his beers have started a debate in it.hobby.birra, anyway an interesting new entry.

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio Italiano srl
Via Castello, 51 - 22070 Lurago Marinone (CO) - Tel: 031/895450 - Fax: 031/895450
email: web:
Brewpub, one of the very first to start in Italy. They produce bottom-fermented beers: the best known are maybe Tipopils, a very good Pils (probably italian best); the bottle aged lager Amber Shock (quite rich and good and very interesting). But the beer range is wider and ever increasing, so it is better to check their informative and interesting website. Note that it is one of the few brewpub where the food is not just sandwiches and cold snacks, but much more interesting (the place is featured in the "Guida Osterie" by Slowfood).

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio Lambrate (Skunky Pub)
via Adelchi, 5 angolo via Porpora - 10100 Milano - Tel: 02/70638678
Brewpub. It was the first microbrewery I could visit and I must say I've been satisfied then and always: it is one of the best three micro with Baladin and Birrificio in my opinion. The blond "Montestella (5% abv) is similar to a Kolsch and is daringly hopped for being the basic beer on sale. The amber Lambrate (7%) is very good, also La Rossa (7%) and the strong S.Ambroeus (8%) are no bad at all; but the most characterful ale is the dark smoked Ghisa (6%): very good for me, but not for every drinker. Nice place; you can eat, besides the sandwiches, good assortments of selected cheeses and delicatessen

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio Lodigiano
Via Adda, 6 - 26841 Casalpusterlengo (LO) - Tel: 0377 919047 - Fax: 0377 918472
email: web:
Brewing starting mid 2004

aderente Unionbirrai Centrale della Birra
Viale Trento Trieste 62/A - 26100 Cremona - Tel: 0372/33267 - Fax: 0372/33267
email: web:
Among the best known brewpub and one of the first to open in Italy. It is the headquarter of Unionbirrai, an association that besides other promotional activities, gathers many of the italian micros. Among its beers, the pale lager Cremona (4.8%), the stronger, amber Strenna (7%) and the Califfa strong ale.

aderente Unionbirrai Officina della Birra - Osteria Dolfini
Via Cademario 19 - 69034 Bioggio (CH) - Tel: 0041 091 6002333
Mind, this brewery is actually in Switzerland! It is included not only because its proximity to Italy, but also because they are quite active in taking part into beer events, fair and conferences held in Italy.

BABB Birrificio Artigianale Bassa Bresciana
Via S. Martino del Carso, 6 - 25025 Manerbio (BS) - Tel: 030 9938185 - Fax: 030 9938185
email: web:
Orario: 18.00 - 02.00 Chiuso lunedi'
Techno-industrial style ambient, good food with menu based on local products, besides wurst and pizzas. 10 hl. equipement. They started with four ales: Alba, a well done Blanche; Omnia, well hopped blond ale; Peschina, peach favoured; Rubinia, full bodied but drinkable copper strong ale at 7% abv. Planned a Weizen, a Lager-pils and an Imperial stout. The level is quite good, considering they have just started. (demus on it.hobby.birra, summarized)

Birreria Blues
Via XXV Aprile 10 - 24050 Cividate al Piano (BG) - Tel: 0363 97310
email: web:
Chiusura Lunedi'
The brewery makes a pils, a ale, a doppelbock and a scotch ale, bottled and on draught. Started brewing in 1999. The placed is located in an antique restored building and hold up to 500 people. Infos by Mondobirra

Birreria Novecento
via Roma angolo via Modromeno - 23020 Casatenovo (LC) - Tel: 039 9202043
A few different beers named after famous painters, including a weizen and a few lagers (light, amber and strong): according to a review on it.hobby.birra, the first was quite good and the others less remarkable. (Source:it.hobby.birra e Beverfood)

Brasseria Spluga
Via Roma, 93/A ( via degli emigranti, 12) - 23020 Gordona (SO) - Tel: 0343 41397
email: web:
Microbrewery and Brewpub, brewing 7 different beers, from bock to Honey, Dark and Vienna and a few seasonals Source: Beverfood - Mondobirra

Via Pontiglia 37 - 23030 Livigno SO - Tel: 0342 996332
"Echo, the highest beer in Europe" is the slogan. They brew a weizen and a few different lagers. Food is mainly cold meats and cheeses, including a very good bitto according the reviewer. (source: it.hobby.birra)

Fabbrica di Birra Palazzolo
Via A. Kupfer - Palazzolo sull' Oglio(BS)
Opened since november 2001 and located in a building called Palabrauhaus. Reported by Mario Bughetti (thanks)

HOPS! Desenzano
Via Dei Colli Storici, 1 - 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS) - Tel: 030/991035 - Fax: 030/9910351
Aperto Tutte le sere, dalle 19,00 alle 02,00
2° HOPS! brewery, opened 25/09/1998. Of the same chain that opened a few places by franchising. See HOPS! Riccione

Il Giardino della birra
Via Ortica 8-10 Milano (Zona Ortica) - Tel: 0270004030
Opened in July 2002. Beer are improving. Bavarian style food

Iron Twins Brew Bar
Via Legnano 31 - Bergamo - Tel: 035 341723
Thanks to Roberto Sonzogni for the report

La Fabbrica
Via P.R.Giuliani 38 - Saronno (VA) - Tel: 02 967 09 493
It is located near the 'Posta nuova' in Saronno, on the Varesina road. Typical dishes, focaccia, hams, live music, maxiscreen, parking, etc etc. Report by Gian Matteo "Jaffar" I visited it myself: there were three beers available (two lager and a sweet and spicy white), all about at 4.5%, not bad but a bit bland to my taste.

L'Inconsueto - Birrificio Bustese
Via XXIV maggio, 1 - fraz Borsano - Busto Arsizio (VA) - Tel: 3477402104
chiuso il martedì
Tiny brewpub opened 6/6/2004 by Valentino Rossi, ex-homebrewer. Started with a Pale, an Amber and a Dark. Source: Busto Brewers on it.hobby.birra

Via Maivista 3 - 24010 Sedrina (BG) - Tel: 035636223
Again Ferdinando Carrara: "Brewery on three floors, with restaurant and live music. The italian-canadian brewmaster is using a 10hl equipment and makes a pils, an amber and a very goos weizen"

Manerba Brewery
Via Trevisago 19 - 25080 Manerba del Garda (BS) - Tel: 0365.551309 - Fax: 0365.551013
Quite big Micro/BrewPub. Here are the informations by Ferdinando Carrara (who reviewed for us many micros): "The equipment (model "Brauhaus") has been made by the German firm Kaspar Schulz, and is the same used by Paulaner for many of its breweries.. The batch size os 20 hl, and the brewmaster is the same of Hopfen microbrewery of Bolzano. Featured beers are: helles, weizen, bock, dunkles (quite good). 200 seated places + 100 outdoors"

Officina della Birra
via Matteotti 11 - Bresso (MI) - Tel: 02/6106076
Brewpub reviwed by Marco Zini who liked particularly the Weiss; they make also a pale lager and a stronger and slightly sweeter amber lager. Opened in June 99.

Orso Verde
Viale Rimembranze 24 - Busto Arsizio (VA) - Fax: 0331/637109
Microbrewery, selling bottles and kegs of (initially) 3 beers: Hell, Weizen and Blanche (then an amber "Amaranta" has been added). Opened 20/6/2004. Source: Andrea on it.hobby.birra

Osteria del Santo Bevitore
Via Manzoni, 1 - 24030 Medolago (BG) - Tel: 035 4948831
Source: Beverfood

Osteria di Bastardu' - Last Out
Via Cologno, 22 - 24053 Brignano Gera d'Adda (BG) - Tel: 0363 814053
Source: Beverfood

Q BEER & FOOD - Birrificio Brianza
Via Mecenate 76 - 20138 Milano - Tel: 02 58029230
email: web:
Brewpub-restaurant with a full and interesting menu and selected specialities. Three regular beers to start (pale lager, weizen and a strong 7% abv amber ale) and some planned seasonal beers. Source: it.hobby.birra

Sora' Lama'
V. Spluga 66, San Cassiano (SO) - Tel: 0343 20458
Microbrewery, producing five different bottled beers: a blond, a strong pale and amber, weiss and a barley wine (named "Vin d'Orz", that is barley wine translated)

The Burper
Via G. Sforza, 139 (vicino allo Stadio) - 20081 Abbiategrasso (MI) - Tel: 02-94963310.
Started production in 2001 with a microequipment of 1.2 hl. They frequently organize beer events (guded tasting of their beers and classic beers, etc.)

Trattoria Microbirreria Cà de Gos
Località Acquebone - 25040 Artogne (BS) - Tel: 0364/591422
Aperto dalle 10.00 alle 02.00 - Giorno di chiusura: lunedì
At the restaurant you can eat cold meats, cheeses, a choice of classic Bavarian Wurstels, , pizza, pasta and other dishes. They produce three different ales (blond, strong blond and amber) (source: I.H.B. and web)

via Rutilia - Milano - Tel: 02 5691616 - Fax: 0256818715
Information coming from it.hobby.birra. The place is nice and wide (looks like a disco-pub); the food is "fusion" i.e. a mix of mexican, arabian, japanese etc. The beers are: weiss, pilsener, strong lager, an amber "cream ale"... according to the reviewers they are a bit light-bodied and unexceptional, at least at the moment of their visit to the pub, just at their opening.

Lombardia: Pub

Freeway Pub
Via Ugo Foscolo,9 - Galgiana, Frazione di Casatenovo (LC)
One of the best pubs specialized in belgian beers. A few rarities are also available; besides there are four kinds of "exclusive" ales, made - as is said - by a micro solely for this place. Their site is:

Via Regina Margherita, ang. fr. Campi - Milano - Tel: 0254122690
Orari: 12.00-15.00/18.30- 02.00 Chiusura: mai
Good selection including beers by best italian micros: it is a one of the Lambrate taps, it has been one of the first places to have Baladin not only in bottles but also on tap; they have sometimes other microbrews like Beba)

Il Fundeghè
Via Nicolini 1 - 22060 Cabiate (CO) - Tel: 031-767041
Francesco Ragazzini, whom I thank for the info, tells us of a very good beer selection, maybe even better than the Woodstock itself.

Isola della Birra
via Medardo Rosso - Milano - Tel: 0245482342
Orari: sempre aperto 12-15 20-02, sab e dom solo sera.
A few places in Milan are more and more devoted to craft beers. This "Beer Island" is a very good example: the have on tap Labrate's full range, two changing beers from Baladin's whole range and even a seasonal UK real ale from the cask. Food is sandwiches, bruschettas, cheeses and cold meats - no hot dishes besides wurstels.

La Brasserie del Camaleonte
Via XXIV Maggio - Paratico (BS)
Owned by Gianfranco Marini, speaker of the Università della Birra of Azzate, since ten years n.1 enthusiast and promoter of the belgian beer culture. Many thematic evenings are organized. The selection is of more tha 200 bottled beers and 6 on draught,all strictly belgian. The review is by Gabriella (whom I thank) of Progetto Birra, the most specialized italian distributor of belgian beers.

La Frottola
Via Riberia, 33 - 27029 Vigevano (PV) - Tel: 0381 78185
Chiuso il mercoledi'
This pub restaurant, besides a very good beer selection, is well known for the beer events it hosts, e.g guided tastings with beer guru Kuaska.

La Ratera
Via Ratti 22 Milano (zona Parco di Trenno) - Tel: 0248202932
A new pub with a very interesting selection of beers, including italian micros. It frequently hosts guided tasting, at times with selected food. They plan to start also a full restaurant.

Moonshine 8
Zona piazzale Corvetto - Milano
Again Marco Zini informs us about a pub in Milan. Tiny but pleasant place, with an "alternative" atmosphere. Music on friday and saturday evening. Excellent selection focused expecially on belgian ales, from the abbey beers to the small micros' products. A note: mainsteam beers have the same price of the rarest specialties... perhaps to "punish" the drinkers that come to such a place just to order a Bud (that's what Marco thinks, and I agree!)

Mulligans Irish Pub
Via G. Govone, 28 - Milano - Tel: 02 3451694
email: web:
Orario: 19 - 02 Chiuso Domenica
One of the main references in Milan. Besides a few other less interesting taps, it always feature a true Uk real ale; the bottle selction is of high standard, with many belgian specialities together with italian microbrews by Birrificio e Baladin. Mullingans' is also well know for the hosted beer events and tastings, often with Kuaska. It is also a full restaurant with italian and irish food..

Pub 38
Via Volta, 38 - 23864 Malgrate (LC) - Tel: 0341-200650 - Fax: 0341-200650
Tiny pub and unique in some way, as it is specialized in rare belgian ales on draught (it is easier to find them bottled). Here you can find a special brew made exclusively for the pub by Van Eecke; and - at rotation - Fantome, Chouffe, Oerbier and so on. Informations by Kuaska on it.hobby.birra.

Via S.Maria 56 - 27026 Garlasco (PV) - Tel: 0382 800531
Orario 18.30-03.00 giovedi' da 18.30 mercoledi' chiuso
Nice bavarian-style place, with german cooking; on tap very good german beers and sometimes seasonals (e.g. Forst Easter). Enthusiast owner and many bottled beers (100-120).

Via Pestalozzi, 1 - 20143 Milano (MI) - Tel: 0289120479
Very good selection, maybe not as many as the claimed 400 but at least 200-300. The place is large but quite crowded on friday and saturdays (sometimes with some detriment of the service). High prices. The report and the comments are by Marco Zini whom I thanks.

Lombardia: Negozi

A Tutta Birra
Via Palazzi,15 - 20124 Milano - Tel: 02 201165
It's one of the best shop I know of, excellent selection of more than 350 beers, mainly belgian but with a good choice of german, english and rest of the world also. The knowledgeable owner and the beer guides at your disposal will help you in your choice. They also store glassware and other beer items and they sponsor beer events, have a look at their site

Via Plinio - 20129 Milano - Tel: 02 20402175
It started just as a web site (Roybeer Homebrewing is still almost all focused on general beer culture and informations and not on the shop itself); then the webmasters decided to use professionally their beer knowledge and opened this shop in Milan. They have both beer bottles and homebrewing equipment (probably in the second section they have a wider range than Atuttabirra)

Veneto: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Vecchio Birraio
Via Caselle, 87 - Campo San Martino loc. Marsango (PD) - Tel: 049/552088 - Fax: 049/552088
Orario: 19.00 - 02.00. Chiuso Lunedi'
Brewpub. They produce four different beers: a Pilsener and three stronger beers (an amber, a red and a dark). The place opened in 16/8/97 and matches the beers with some beer cooking, for example "risotto with radicchio and beer" "flemish chicken" and more. The brewery can be visited by calling in advance. Again Paolo De Martin:" You feel the Canadian-American background (...) they use toasted malts also for the pale lager (...) and use the same top fermenting yeast for all the beers (...) the dark beers are of some distintion while the pils in my opinion is not correctly balanced (...) Anyway, not bad for being a new entry." Update: new brewer, the beers are on a good staandard; there is also a weizen and some seasonal. Besides the restaurant, they have a Pizzeria.

Arte Birraia
Via Montegge, 48 - Fraz Rasai - 32030 Seren del Grappa (BL) - Tel: 0439 448154
Brewing beers under the Ofen name. There beer is not served here but at the two "Locanda di Cecchet" pubs (see). Brewer is ex-Menabrea. Source: Beverfood, it.hobby.birra

Via Lungolago 6 - Alleghe (BL)
Reported again by Piero Eydenet and Paolo Demartin. This brewpub opened in 2000 and started brewing from extract: this anyway did not prevented them to have soon good results, according to our "strict" reviewer Paolo :-)

Strada Vicinale Monte Crocetta, 6 - 36100 Vicenza - Tel: 0444965141 - Fax: 0444965141
email: web:
Brewpub that soon had good reviews about the quality and personality of the beers, considering that it is at the beginiing. They started with three beers: Hoplà, a well hopped 4.2% abv pils; Scarlet, an amber ale at 5.5%, with a balance of hops and caramel malt; and Wanted, a dark amber lager at 7%. Fuller review at Thanks to Keach and it.hobby.birra.

Birreria Artigianale Nord-Est
Via Montello, 12 - 31030 ALTIVOLE (TV) - Tel: 0423-915513
Opened again with new ownership, and improved quality of the beers. (Paolo de Martin)

Birreria del Vichingo
Via Colombara 3 - 37035 San Giovanni Ilarione (VR) - Tel: 0456550252
Microbrewery, it would brew a smoked beer (5,9%), an organic beer(5%), a special blonde (5,2%), a rice beer (5%), a dark(5,9%) and a weizen (4,5%). Infos by Beverfood

Brek Ristoranti (1)
Via delle Industrie, 8 - 30038 Spinea (VE) - Tel: 0041 5495105

Brek Ristoranti (2)
Via Carducci 54 - 30173 Mestre (VE)

Via Brenta, 81- 32020 Livinalongo (BL) - Tel: 0436 7280
They started with a pale (5%) and a weizen (4,5%) Source: Beverfood

Piazza al Paradiso, 1 - 36061 Semonzo del Grappa (TV) - Tel: 0335 8064503
Source: Beverfood

La Barchessa di Villa Pola
Via Sandro Pomini, 3 - 31050 Barcon di Vedelago TV - Tel: 0423 772017 - Fax: 0432 772839
Brewing a blonde (4,7%), a stronger lager lager (6,8), a pils (5), an amber lager (6,3) and a weizen (4,7). Supplying also a few other places around ("Beer by Birra Pola"). Brewer is Sebastiano Ladu, well known by homebrewers. Source: beverfood and it.hobby.birra

La Locanda - Cecchet
Viale dei Dendrofori, 22 - 32100 Belluno (BL) - Tel: 0437950772
Pub Restaurant serving (like the following one, of the same ownership) the "Ofen" beer produced by Artebirra micro (see) . First reviewed by Piero "Eydenet" who reported also the beer cuisine of personalized german-tyrolean style;an english style room and a little biergarten.

La Locanda - Cecchet
Via Montelungo, 2 - 32032 Feltre (BL) - Tel: 043983774
See place in Belluno

Pizzeria-Ristorante Sancolodi
Via Dante Alighieri 137 - Localita' Casoni - Mussolente (VI) - Tel: 0424-573029
Chiuso il lunedi
It is more like a Brew-Pizzeria than a Brewpub, with a small (7hl) plant by the Canadian Brew-Tech. According to the reviewer, at the moment of the opening the beer (a pale and a red lager) were not outstanding; later quality of beers quite improved, and the Pils is excellent.

Presa 20
Via Casagrande, 10 - 31044 Biadene di Montebelluna (TV) - Tel: 0423 23000
Located by the "Le Campagnole" farm holiday. Brewer is Fabiano Toffoli, well know beer expert and adviser. Strong on belgian styles, Fabiano surprised us a bit by starrting with a Dunkel, but many new specialities scheduled. Watch this brewery, also for the beer events organized with the cooperation of the farm holiday.

San Gabriel
Via 4 novembre 7/8 - Busco di Ponte di Piave (TV) - Tel: 0422 752899 - Fax: 0422753721
Reported by C. Avanzi

Valley Beer
Via degli alpini 12 - 36072 Chiampo (VI) - Tel: 04444214

Veneto: Pub

La Vecchia Nogara
Piazza Umberto I, 1 - Nogara (VR) - Tel: 044289633
Again Francesco Cellamaro inform us of this place, that at the time of his (not recent) visit had a very large selection of bottles (probably more than a hundred). Ownership has changed since, so all this could have changed also (hopefully not).

Le Colonne
Via Venini, 2 - 36010 Velo d'Astico (VI) - Tel: 0445 740210
Tony, the owner, offers 300 different beers, looking for new labels and for food and beer matching. (thanks Christian for the updates)

Michelangelo da Vinci
Villamarzana (Rovigo) - Tel: 0452/65.90.28
Quite peculiar settings (two real planes, a old house and a summer garden with pool, and a themed disco called "The "). Good selection of 40 bottled beers and many on draught; good service. Also a Pizzeria. Thanks to Francesco Cellamaro for all the infos.

Via Argine, 15 - Montebelluna (TV)
Again Gabriella informs us: "Nice and smart Brasserie with cooking matched with beers, owned by Andrea, expert in belgian craft beers. A speciality are the La Chouffe special ales for each season of the year."

Trentino - Alto Adige: Microbirrerie

Agriturismo Birreria Seppila
Via Haspa 30 - 39035 Tesido (BZ) - Tel: 0474/950204
Reported by Mario Bughetti

Birreria Pedavena
Piazza Fiera, 13 - Trento TN - Tel: 0461 986255 - Fax: 0461 265238
It is a brewpub in downtown Trento, a pizza-restaurant-bar that has nothing to do with the Heineken world. The brewery is an historical place of Trento, located in piazza Fiera, founded at the beginning of the last century by a family form Belluno, and brewing since august 2000 with a 10 hl equipment. They brew three kinds of beer (called Lag's Beer): Chiara (Helles style), Weizen and Rossa (Vienna), not too remarkable but improving, and a few seasonal festive beers. Great success right since the opening. Brewmaster is a young brewmistress from Germany. (Andrea Aldrighetti, andy (at ISP)

Hopfen & Co delle Erbe 17 - 39100 Bolzano - Tel: 0471/300788
Ingredients and brewmaster are of german origin. According to a reviewer the hefe-weizen is good and the other pale lager are sufficient, but other people have been more enthusiast. Worth a vist anyway; besides being located in the central Piazza delle Erbe, the pub itself is in an ancient and tipically Tyrolean location, split in several floors with interesting furniture. They serve good and tipical local food.

Hotel Excelsior
Piazza Cesare Battisti 11 - 38033 Cavalese (TN) - Tel: 0462 340403
The brewery is part of a resort with several businesses carried on by memmbers of a single family:Hotel, Restaurant, winery, distillery, farm and now also microbrewery! See detailed review by Ton

Laboratori Gastronomici Valle del Chiese
Roncone TN - Tel: 0465 900082
They make un pasteurized cheese, jams and also beer! Their "Alexander Bier" is a top fermenting blonde light ale, lightly hopped (with some infection problems due to the cheese laboratory). You can find the beer in 0.5 lt bottles in some shops and on draught in a pizzeria or the village. (Andrea Aldrighetti, andy (at ISP)

Pustertaler Bier
Via Waidach 18 - 39030 Vandoies/Vallarga (BZ) - Tel: 0472 548314
Brewing a light lager and a Weissbier from locally grown barley.

Friuli - Venezia Giulia: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Cittavecchia
Viale Stazione di Prosecco 5/c - 34010 Sgonico (Trieste) - Tel: 040 251060 - Fax: 040211009
It is really a microbrewery, it has not its own pub but supplies beer to pubs and restaurants around Trieste. The brewmaster, Michele, is an expert and enthusiast homebrewer who made the big step and turned professional. He has started with two beers, a pale lager and an amber lager in the Vienna style, stronger but more attenuated, drinkable but quite tasty. I could sample (and enjoy!) the beers at the very start of the production, directly from the maturation tanks. Later also a strong ale called Formidable, and then more beers, have been introduced. For news and informations about the beer range and availiability, check their site

Alla Ghiacciaia
Via Beligna, 1014 - 33051 Aquileia (UD) - Tel: 0432 507312
Brewing a lager and a pilsner. A brewery (or pub) with the same name exist in Udine: some confusion? Source: Beverfood

BEFeD Pub n.1
Viale Costa 6/B - 33081 Aviano (PD) - Tel: 0434 661025 - Fax: 0431917077
email: web:
Altough I have never visited this brwpub, I could taste their lagers (a Hell and a Bock, clean and good) at Birrissima 2000 and 2001 beer conferences. The special dish of all the BEFeD pubs is the young roasted chicken (no other hot food is served, nor desserts)

BEFeD Pub n.2
Via S.Lorenzo 63 - 33050 Fiumicello (UD) - Tel: 0431 917402 - Fax: 0431917077
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano.

BEFeD Pub n.3
Via Lungomare 2 - Lignano Pineta (UD) - Tel: 0431 423719 - Fax: 0431917077
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano.

BEFeD Pub n.5
Viale Miramare 285 - Trieste Barcola - Tel: 040 44104 - Fax: 0431917077
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano.

BEFeD Pub n.6
Via Udine, 38 - Cassacco (UD) - Tel: 0432 854851 - Fax: 0431917077
email: web:
Same owner and features as the pub in Aviano.

Birrificio Udinese
Piazzale Osoppo Via Caccia 5 - 33100 Udine - Tel: 0432 510988 - Fax: 0432 220461
email: web:
chiuso lunedi. Sab e domenica solo sera
Biggest brewpub in Italy, as equipment size - and probably also as size of the place. Brewer is Martin Vrba from Czech Republic. All his beers (named Bire) are made by decoction (triple decoction for the pils). Besides the Pils (4.6%) they have a eizen, two amber ales and a "Nera" (black) inspired by the U Fleku beer. Full restaurant, jazz on Tuesdays

Mastro Birraio
Via Nazionale, 97 - 33048 S. Giovanni al Natisone (UD) - Tel: 0432-756521 - Fax: 0432-756521
Brewpub with pizzeria; Paolo reported that they were using equipment and supplies from Hungary and english yeasts and the results were by then still unexceptional. Despite a reported unconfirmed closure, I confirm that presently (2004) they are still open and brewing.

S. Johannes Brau
Not brewing any more

Sauris Agri Beer
Fraz Sauris di Sopra 50 - 33020 Sauris (UD) - Tel: 0433866314
Microbrewery opened in 2000 in this remote and beautiful resort of Carnia. Thanks to Stefano Cossi for the information. I could taste their lagers: a good Pils (though maybe not hopped enough), an excellent Vienna and a remarkable... "special". A smoked beer has been added

The Coopers Yard (birra Praforte)
Via d. Stazione 65/b - 33090 Travesio (fraz Usago)(PN) - Tel: 042790091
Big brewpub, known before as a Pub (also under the name Pink Panther), since October 2000 started its own production of beers under the "Praforte" trademark. During my visit I could appreciate two lagers (a hell and an amber) of really good quality. The equipment is modern and computer controlled. The place is big, with quite original (!) furnishing and a big barbecue for the local food specialty (roasted little chickens)

Yo Quiero Mass
Via Udine, 31 - 33010 Resiutta (UD) - Tel: 0433 51207
Also known as "Al Buon Arrivo". Source: Beverfood, confirmed in it.hobby.birra

Friuli - Venezia Giulia: Pub

La Giostra
Località Slivia -Trieste
Aperto dalle 18 alle 2.00, chiuso il mercoledì
Bottled english, german and exspecially belgian beers and some fantastic artisanal beers! Davo, the owner, always suggest you for the best, and service is very good. Informations and comments by Paolo Le Rose, president of Ass. Birrofila Triestina

Emilia-Romagna: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Appennino Risorse
Via G. Marconi, 4 - Granaglione (BO) - Tel: 051/226790
Microbrewery founded by a group of chestnut growers in the hills near Bologna, with the help of Bologna University, brewers and brewing consultants. The aim is to produce chestnut based beers of different kinds. There is not a brewery pub and all beer is bottled. The forst one is called "Beltaine, has 30-35% chestnut and is brewed in 3 different variations: juniper flavoured, "special" and white.

aderente Unionbirrai Panil - Torrechiara
Strada Pilastro 35 - Torrechiara (PR) - Tel: 0521355113 - Fax: 0521355136
email: web:
Microbrewery in the Torrechiara village, known for its beautiful medieval Castle. They also produce and bottle wine, and since summer 2001 they have started with beer: at first the Panil (light amber at 6.5% abv.), followed by Blanche, Brune and the very sepcial oak-aged barriquee, all available in bottles. Thanks for the first report to Marco Bellini.

Amarcord (Spring srl.)
Via Tabellione, 15 - 47891 Falciano (Rep. San Marino) - Tel: 0549 976979 - Fax: 0549 942853
Actually located in San Marino. Spring acquired the rights for the brewery and beer names and recipes of old Amarcord microbrewery of Rimini: the pale lagers El Figoun (5.2%) and La Mi Dona (6.5%) and the amber lagers Putena (7.5%) and Tabachera (10%). They are at the "border" of micro category, both for their dimensions and because beers are filtered (but not pateurized. The Figoun is locally available also in unfileterd version.

HOPS! Riccione
Via Parini, 3 - 47838 Riccione (RN) - Tel: 0541/607920 - Fax: 0541/692507
Aperto Tutte le sere, dalle 19,30 alle 03,00
1° locale HOPS!, opened 26/06/1997. It is the original brewpub of a chain that has opened a few other places in franchising. It is a brewpub of american inspiration as for ambient and food offer. The first review here was by Deckard and Glauco Bianchi, which at the time reported it already was a quite busy brewpub with up to 10 beers in their offer, but not more than 3 or 4 at the same time They also have their own web site

Argelato - Bologna
Producing a light and an amber lager. Giovanni "Laser" Spinotti who reported it remembers the good quality of the beer and its "pleasant" effects. N.B. according to other sources, the brewery could have closed now

Via Rimesse - Bologna
Atthe opening (summer 99) it was producing just one type of beer. As our reviewer informs us, theyuse dry extract and quality at the moment was unexceptional.

Emilia-Romagna: Pub

Birreria Amadeus
Via Dagnini, 1 (ang. Via Murri) - 40137 Bologna - Tel: 051 6234011
Chiuso Domenica.
Standard (i.e. not Irish, English etc) pub, with a lot of beers, more than 100 of which 7 on draught, including Ceasurus at 12% ABV and Gordon Blond. Often crowded, loud music. (thanks to Michele for the tip and the infos)

Galleria Giulio Cesare
Piazza 3 Martiri, 16 - Rimini
Another place not to be missed by belgiab beer lovers, with about 100 bottles and La Chouffe on draught. Besided the beers, served with skill by Sergio, you can also taste many whiskies. Infos by Gabriella (Progetto Birra).

strada naz. Giardini - Pavullo nel Frignano (MO)
Info and review by Gianandrea "Ciuffo" Bruni:"A pub devoted to Belgium owned by true beer lovers, where by thei choiche "mainstream beers are not served". Quite good sandwiches and snacks, but the real plus are the 12/14 beers on tap (the number can vary) and the quite remarkable selection of rare bottled belgian ales. It is a must to come here just after the owners had a trip to Belgium..."

Via Mascarella - Bologna
Downtown pub. Clean and simple setting. The tap selection changes seasonally and you can find something interesting. The bottle selection is wide and well assorted. Classic pub food. Before my personal visit, the place was reported to me by Daniele.

Sebastian Pub
Via Darsena - Ferrara - Tel: 0532/76.82.33
This pub has been made on a big german cargo ship, dismunted in Marghera near Venice and then fully built up again in Ferrara river. Owners are the same as Michelangelo da Vinci of Rovigo (see), and has a similar beer range and service. Thanks to Francesco Cellamaro for the report and review.

Emilia-Romagna: Negozi

La Tana del Luppolo
Via G. Petroni 15/A - 40126 Bologna - Tel: 051 238207 - Fax: 051 238207
Orario continuato dalle 11 alle 20 - chiuso la domenica
Owned by Gianfranco Donati, who because of his passion for beer has changed his small milk-shop in one of best beer shops of Italy! More than 350 beers, much Belgium but also other countries, for example a selection of 25 different bavarina Weizen; also some nice glassware Reported in it.hobby.birra (in particular by beer "guru" Kuaska) e by Lorenzo by email.

Toscana: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Il Circolo 50
Centro Commerciale "Il Giglio" - 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Tel: 055-8969826
Renewed, it opened again at the same address. Ton Notermans sent us a review

aderente Unionbirrai Mosto Dolce
Via Dell'Arco, 6 - 59100 Prato - Tel: 0574 21973 - Fax: 055 331735
chiuso il lunedi
The address is that of the pub , the "brewery tap" (near piazza San Marco, in the street along the Cassero); the brewery is in Via Fra Bartolomeo, 211 (Tel: 0574.577030). Head of brewing operations is friend Ton Notermans, expert and well known homebrewer. His beers have already very good reviews, expecially the exceptional honey beer.

Birrificio Artigiano - Orzo Bruno
Via Case Dipinte 6/8 - Pisa - Tel: 050 578802 - Fax: 050 578802
Martedi' - Venerdi' 12.00-15.00 e 18.00-24.00, Sabato e Domenica solo sera, chiuso Lunedi'
OrzoBruno is the pub that is the brewery tap, whose address is reported here; the brewery itself is called Birrificio Artigianale and is in Bientina (PI). Brew-mistress is Rosa Gravina (ex-Lambrate, and this is promising). Three beers to start, all ales and - according to first reports - all characterful: Valdera Rossa (5.2%), Martesana (hoppy light ale, 4.2%) and the strong ale Gorgona (7.1%)

Il Bovaro
Via Pisana 3r, (Porta San Frediano)- Firenze - Tel: 055-2207057 - Fax: 055-2306364.
Aperto tutti i giorni dalle 19.00 alle 01.00; venerdì e sabato fino alle 02.00.
Brewpub on the center of Florence. See interesting review by Ton Notermans

La Petrognola - Forno Paolo Magazzini
via S.Felice 1 - frazione Petrognola, Piazza al Serchio LU - Tel: 0583 696143
Brewed with locally grown spelt. Not sure about the exact brewing location, it is available at a baker's shop at the reported address.

Toscana: Pub

Via Bresci n°4 ( del Mercato Nuovo) - 59100 PRATO - Tel: 0574 24120
Information coming from I.H.B. Very good selection of draught beers (Celtic and the beer ranges by Morrel's, Wieninger, Augustiner) and a number of bottled beers including Samuel Adams. More infos on their site.

Birreria Bombababa'
Lungarno Mediceo 52 - Pisa - Tel: 050541080
More than 100 international beer. Connectet to Paninoteca Mediceo of the same ownership, well known since many years.

Birreria San Marco
Via Aurelia Sud, 67 - Pietrasanta (LU)
A beautiful Brasserie in an '800 palace, owned by Nicola who offers a very good selection of belgian bottled beers, weel known in all Versilia (by Gabriella).

Brasserie La Loggia
P.zza Vittorio Emanuele, 11 - 56125 Pisa - Tel: 050-46326 - Fax: 050-506435
email: web:
Informations coming from Flavio Romboli of the Pub, whom I thank. "There are 5 draught beers and about 70 bottled beers changing according to the season; beer cooking with emphasis to fish. The brasserie is also t he site of the beer club "Vino d'Orzo". Have a look at their site In the meantime (2001) the number of beers has reached 350, and there is more...

Loc.Bibbiano - 53022 Buonconvento (SI) - Tel: 0577 807077
email: web:
Besides a few good draught beers, there are 130 different bottled beers directly imported from Belgium (on it.hobby.birra, it has been remarked the high quality of the beer selections and the very good (i.e. low) prices). The place is also a wood-oven Pizzeria, restaurant, live music etc. Music, artistic and gastronomic events, including "Winter Aat the Brewery".

Toscana: Negozi

Manneken Pis' Beer
Corso Matteotti, 169 - Pontedera - Fax: 0587/59141
You can find many belgian specialities (trappist, abbey, wit....), some of them quite rare like the Cantillon lambics (Gueze,Kriek e Rosè de gambrinus). Also englis and irish bottled beers. Also homebrewing supplies Reported on it.hobby.birra.

Marche: Microbirrerie

Gasthaus Alpenkeller
via Cola d'Amatrice n. 13 - Ascoli Piceno - Tel: 0736 41786
Paola, a beer enthusiast, informs us about the first brewpub in Marche, opened in May 99. "There you can drink a dry and clean pilsener, balanced in its malt and hops flavour; and a Dunkel, malty and aromatic with a good head (...) Very simple food, but if you want to eat, there is a good restaurant just nearby the pub, with german and regional dishes."

HOPS! Civitanova Marche
Viale Vittorio Veneto, 130/a - 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC) - Tel: 0733/818617 - Fax: 0733/777753
Aperto Tutte le sere, dalle 19,30 alle 02,30
3° HOPS! brewery, opened 15/07/1999. Also known as Robin Pub. Of the same chain that opened a few places by franchising. See HOPS! Riccione

HOPS! Fano
Via Einaudi, 18 (zona Bellocchi) - 61032 Fano (PS) - Tel: 0721/856109 - Fax: 0721/859245
Aperto Tutti i giorni dalle 06,00 alle 02,30 non stop
4° HOPS! brewery, opened 05/11/2000. Of the same chain that opened a few places by franchising. See HOPS! Riccione

Marche: Pub

Birlandia Pub
Via Laureati, 60 Porto D'Ascoli (AP) - Tel: 0735/655334
350 bottled beers and 6 on draught. Thanks to Simona.

Marche: Negozi

Umbria: Microbirrerie

Il Birraio
Zona Porta Sole - Perugia
Nice and warm place in irish country pub style. They make a light and an amber (slightly tart but good), with a 200 liters batch; yeast are from UK (Nottingham). Thanks to Stephan for the infos!

La Maga
Via Porta Fuga, 12 - 06049 Spoleto (PG) - Tel: 075 8043043
Source: Beverfood

Umbria: Pub

Pub-birreria-internet point A Tutta Birra Spoleto
Via di Fonte Secca, 7 (centro storico) - Spoleto (PG)
The pub features at rotation of 500 beers, none of them mainstream: above all belgian (all the trappists) but also small Italian breweries and many worlwide beers, all seved at the right temperature and often matched with beer cusine.

Lazio: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Birrificio Turbacci
Centro Sportivo Mezzaluna - Mentana (Roma) - Tel: 06 9094701 - Fax: 069092557
Brewpub non lontano da Roma, produce una Lager (ad alta, a dispetto del nome, come le altre birre), una Black, una Weizen e una piu' forte Super, piu' stagionali. Da fine 2003 e' anche ristorante oltre che Pizzeria. Per saperne di piu' sulle birre guardate questo dettagliato report con i giudizi di Kuaska e diverse foto.

aderente Unionbirrai Starbess - Rome Brewing co.(Kenny's Pub)
Via Passaglia No.1 - Roma - Tel: 06397 21153
Surely among the most interesting new entries. Mike Murphy, a young american in Rome, former homebrewer, started very well with a wide range of beers. Among them, i liked expecially the very good Smoked Porter and, above all, the great Pioneer Ale, a hoppy and aromatic American Pale Ale. I don't know if the brewery is to be considered a micro or a brewpub: actually the equipments are not far from Kenny's Pub, which is presently the only pub supplied.

Atlas Coelestis
Via Malcesine 41 - 00135 Roma
New brewpub in Rome, reported by Danilo. At the time of the report is too early to judge their beers. 10 hl equipment

Stazione Birra
Via Placanica, 172 (Fraz. Morena Sud) - Roma - Tel: 06 79845959 - Fax: 067984181
email: web:
Many reports of this brewery, but opinion are both negative and positive. Consider that it's a Disco-Pub, with the related cons (loud music) and pros (if you are interested in music, there are sometimes well known artists and bands on stage). The beer produced at rotation are: Amber, 6,0% vol. - Doppel Bock, 6,0% vol. - Dunkel, 5,5% vol. - Hell, 5,2% vol. - Stout, 5,0% vol. - Weizen, 5,4% vol.

Top Malto
Via Aldo Moro, 28 - 04020 Spigno Saturnia (LT) - Tel: 0771 64364
email: web:
Source:Beverfood - it.hobby.birra - web

Lazio: Pub

Derry's - Il tempio della birra
Via Ostra Vetere - Giardini di Corcolle - Lunghezza (ROMA) - Tel: 06.2203531
Near Rome. You can choose among 200 beers from an informative list; the place is quite beatiful, full of breweriana (signs, mugs, mirrors etc), and is on three floors. Owner is Mauro Leardini helped by his father, nice and friendly guy. The place will soon work as a beer shop, with homebrewing and collecting items. Info and review by Roberto Merico; already reported by Leonardo Di Vincenzo.. thanks to both of you!

Oasi della Birra - Palombi
Piazza Testaccio 38/41 - Roma - Tel: 06/5746122.
Orario: 8-13,30 e 17-19,30 per la vendita, 19,30-1 per il pub.
... It is also a traditional enoteca" (wine bar & shop) that in the evening becomes a pub, featuring probably the widest available beer selection in the country (about 500, of which many on draught in the evening). Opening time is 8-13,30 and 17-19,30 for the shop, 19,30-1 for the pub where it is also possible to eat interesting selections of hams and cheeses, soups and food which is well matched with the beers." (thanks to Marco Bolasco for the review)

Lazio: Negozi

Oasi della Birra - Palombi
see Pub section.

Abruzzi: Microbirrerie

Magoo Birreria Artigianale
Via Sassa 11, L'Aquila.
Waiting for more infos

PI.PA. Mastro Birraio
Corso Dante 59 - 66054 Vasto CH - Tel: 347 9106168
They would brew a pils and a weizen, but production could be suspended (to be verified). (Source: it.hobby.birra and Beverfood)

Campania: Microbirrerie

Duel Beer
Via Antiniana 2A, Pozzuoli, Napoli.
Opened in 2000, producing three kind of beers: light and strong lager, and weisse

St John's
Località Selva, 82030 Faicchio (BN)
This micro was born from pioneer microbrewery St Josef's of Sorrento who stopped brewing at that place and moved here its skills and equipment. The old place in Sorrento, where the ownership ha a hotel and a good restaurant, is still headquarter and tap of Faicchio brewery. reported by Roberto Merico

Tennent's Tavern
Via Filettine,211 84016 Pagani (SA) - Tel: 0815155240
email: web:
Brewpub opened in 2002. Four beer brewed at its start (Pilsner, Weisse, Dunkel and Doppelbock). Food: both sandwiches and full restaurant menu. See infos on thei site, and also this review by Peppe Beerman written in newsgroup it.hobby.birra Thanks also to Roberto Merico for the first report

Campania: Pub

Via Caravaglios 21 - 80100 Napoli (Fuorigrotta) - Tel: 0812399212 - Fax: 0813604099
Everything about beer for this important beer reference in Napoli. The pub is in fact sided by a beershop selling many beers and also homebrewing stuff. The pub itself features about 100 beers; food is crostoni, pitas, sandwiches etc

Birreria Doppio Malto
Via Nazionale Appia - 83050 San Potito Ultra AV - Tel: 0825981224
500 beers available at rotation served with skill by the owner Tonino. Warm and pleasant place, a refuge for the true beer lovers. The report comes from Emiliano and Luca che ringrazio.

Via Salita Palazzo, 13 - Atripalda (AV)
Chiuso il lunedì
The pub, owned by beer enthusiast Yuri, features a selection of over 60 bottled belgian beers; 5 beers on tap; quite good food. Meeting point of local beerlovers, with tastings and beer events.

Campania: Negozi

see Pub section.

Birra e Dintorni
Via Manfredi, 23 - 83042 Atripalda (AV) - Tel: 0825628061
About 150 beers available (mainly from belgium and ireland), and also breweriana. Reported by Roberto Merico

Puglia: Microbirrerie

Birrificio Svevo
Via Castromediano 95 Bari
email: web:
Microbrewery serving a few places around (a weizen and maybe other ales)

Brauhus Engel
V. Ospedale Orsini 54 - 71043 Manfredonia (FG) - Tel: 0884588450

Il Birraio
Via del Duomo 13-17 - Barletta (BA) - Tel: 0883 533012
Brewing the blonde Ginevra, the amber Brancaleone and the stronger Eraclito

Tre Fontane
Via Vizzano, 73 - Taranto - Tel: 099/7772001

Puglia: Pub

Estremo Sud
Via Matteotti, 3 - 70044 Polignano a Mare (Bari)
Pizzeria with more than 70 beers available

Calabria: Microbirrerie

Birra Olimpo Artigianale
Contrada pietà 10 - 87012 Castrovillari (CS) - Tel: 347 1327812
Microbrewery, producing a pils (maybe a strong lager will be added), at the moment only bottled.

Via Cirimele 14 - 88025 Catanzaro - Tel: 0968727804
It seems to be a medium size brewery more than an actual micro: the equipment are of industrial type and the beers are filtered. They produce the "Birra del Vecchio Calabrese" (Beer of the Old Man of Calabria) - an average pils - and a "Sailor's Beer" "Das Seeman" (a bit stronger, fruitier and more interesting), Thanks to Leonardo on i.h.b. for the informations.

V. P. Nenni - 88046 Lamezia Terme (CZ) - Tel: 096825609

Sardegna: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Beerland Sardinia
Zona Industriale sett.6 n. 97 - 07026 Olbia (SS) - Tel: 0789 57755 - Fax: 0789 57755
email: web:
Source:Beverfood - it.hobby.birra - web

Addis Scopel - Birra Dolomiti
Loc. SuspantU- 09012 Capoterra (CA)
Producing the "Dolomiti" range of beers; you can find them at a place called Mastrobirraio in Cagliari (see Pub section).

Gambrinus Fabbrica Birra Artigianale
Zona Industriale - 07030 Muros (SS) - Tel: 079345725

Via Porto Torres 1 - 08025 Oliena (NU) - Tel: 0784286024
Producing beers under the Bir's trademark, in three types: two pale ones and a stronger dark. Max year production capacity is 2000 hl.

SS 131 "Carlo Felice" km 186.400 - Siligo (SS)
Makes a blond lager in 0.66 cl bottles, sold also in many foodstores in the region.

Sardegna: Pub

Il Merlo
Alessandro reports us about this old traditional pub of Cagliari, closed and reopened many times. Good sandwiches, about 60-70 beers available, one of the best places in town.

La Terra di Mezzo
Via Portoscalas 1 - Cagliari - Tel: 070 662889
Vegetarian restaurant, the only place one in Cagliari featuring a true beer menu, with a great selection of belgians (incl. Westvleteren12) and three beers by local micro Addis Scopel on draught. Thanks to Nicola for the worthy infos.

Via S.Giovanni 174 - Cagliari
The place is small (about 40 places) and is located in the old town of Cagliari; it features the microbrewed (by Addis Scopel) Dolomiti beers (pale, strong lager, amber and dark) matched with middle-europe food.

Ribot Pub
Piazza Michelangelo 14 - Cagliari - Tel: 070/402982
Isidoro informed us about this place: well known pub, featuring a good selection of bottled beers and serving also the beers of Addis Scopel microbrewery.Food is sandwiches, steaks, pasta.

Sicilia: Microbirrerie

aderente Unionbirrai Ceria
V. S. Agata Dei Goti 33 - 92019 Sciacca (AG) - Tel: 0925902708
Biagio and Gaetano inform us of this brewery. Their production capability (with equipment by Velo) is between 2500 and 4000 hl/years (close to the upper limit to be called a micro)

aderente Unionbirrai Naxos
Via Circonvallazione 32 - 91026 Mazara del Vallo (TP) - Tel: 0923 944587
Somehowt differently to other microbreweries, Naxos focuses on a simple, clean, almost weak, pleasant and drinkable lager, available only in bottles in pizzerias and food stores; an alternative to "mainstream" beers, but always a craft beer (unfiltered and unpasteurized) of good quality. Kuaska's words!

aderente Unionbirrai Wild Spirit
Via G.B. Vico 21 - 90011 Bagheria (PA) - Tel: 091 969430 - Fax: 091960308
The first sicilian micro (mentioned in this site since 1998 thanks to Gian Matteo) managed to recover from the premature death of Mimmo, one of the brewers and founders. Now they brew a Golden Lager, a Red Ale and a strong seasonal stout. More on

Birrificio Maya
P.zza Bellini 7 - 95020 Aci Bonaccorsi (CT) - Tel: 349 4924880 (risp. Panarello Giovanni)
Started with three kind of ales, only bottled. They are available in Catania.

La Caverna del Mastro Birraio
Via Sclafani 38 - 95024 Acireale (CT) - Tel: 095 7652328 - Fax: 095 885938
First brewpub around Catania, opening beginning 2004. It will also be possible to taste other craft beers from Sicily and not only. Thanks to Nello castrofor the infos

Litomil Pivo
Via Mattarella Bernardo 62/D - 90011 Bagheria (PA) - Tel: 091 909322

Sicilia: Pub

Via Torremuzza 27 angolo Piazza Kalsa - 90133 Palermo
Orario: 21.00-02.00 chiuso lunedi'
More than 70 selected international beers. The food features selected cheeses and hams. They organize tasting, and beer serving and beer cooking stages.

Online: Negozi

A Tutta Birra
Working mainly as a standard retail shop, but part of their catalog is available online. See Lombardia: Shops

Online shop focused on rare belgian ales. See also TNT pub


According to a few reports, a good beer selection is available in the stores of the Auchan chain, for example in
Torino - Giulio Cesare
Roma - Via Prenestina
and also at"Citta' Mercato" in Vicenza and Colle Verde in Palermo

Also the CONAD stores often have a good selection, for example:

Pianeta Conad - Viterbo
Simone tells us they have a selecrion of about one hundred of beers, particularly from Belgium

Conad "Le Querce" - Reggio Emilia
Also here many interesting beer, including even some ales from the Baladin microbrewery!

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