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These are all the labels that I digitized up to know!! They are displayed here in a smaller size; by clicking the label or the number you can see it in full size.
Not-registered users can only see the first five labels in full size
The number to the right of each label is the serial number that helps identifying it in the database.

These are not all the labels I have collected, since I stopped scanning them a while ago (the work is really tedious after a while!). For almost all of them I have - in the bigger size - also the back and collar labels; at the moment they are not available in this page, but only in the thematic galleries - which I will continue to prepare. Note that the labels are almost all english ales and wheat beers, just because I started from that section of my album.
For the moment it is not easy to link these labels to the database, you have to open it and search manually for the right serial number. But I hope arrange it better in the next update.

000 to 099 - 100 to 199 - 200 to 299 - 300 to 399 - 400 to 499 - 500 to 999

Labels 000 to 099

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004b 004 020 031 040 041b 041 042 044 048 054 055 067 070b 071 085 087b 087 089b 089 095

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Created by Massimo Faraggi