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2006 Guide to Microbreweries, Pubs, Beershops


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All this site (text, images, databases) is copyright by Massimo Faraggi, released with CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.


Warning: this section is no longer updated
Informations are for archive purposes only

This guide will always be under construction, the list of microbreweries above all is always increasing. Pub and Beer Shop Listings are a little behind in updates

Check also the latest new entries (right column) and the notes (at the end of this section)

Listings by type


Microbreweries (A to Z)



Listings by region

Mappa regioni italiane

Notes and Definitions

Starting from 2007, most of the updates are and will be in cooperation with
Also starting form 2007, the focus of this Guide will be:

  • reducing the "second hand" informations for some places and breweries (in order to avoid obsolete informations), though keeping all the essential infos;
  • adding personal notes and updated infos for other pub/breweries of special interest.
  • keeping the list up to date, expecially the microbreweries/brewpubs list
You can find many other infos, complementary to those on this site, here: e su


Microbrewery in this guide means a small (less than 5000 hl/year) independent brewery, wether producing and selling craft beer through distributors to pubs and shops (this is usually named "microbrewery") or producing beer for its own pub or restaurant (commonly known as "brewpub")


Pub, taverns, restaurants etc. featuring a very good choice of beers, at least 70-80, or maybe just less but with a good and balanced selection and/or difficult to find beers.


As above.

Reviews, Opinions, Prices

In the description of some microbreweries you can find some positive or negative opinions (by myself or other reviewers) about the quality of their beers. Don't take these reviews as absolute truth.... many brewpubs have been visited just after their birth, if you visit them after a while their beer could be different (improved, hopely!) so it is always worth trying them.
Concerning the prices (particularly of pubs and beer shops), they can seem quite high sometimes; but it is not fair to compare the cots of a specilist pub or beer shop, handling hundreds of different beers in very small volumes, to the cost of bigger stores that focuse in a few brands with quite higher volumes.


Unionbirrai is an association gathering both professional, and homebrewers and consumers.
In particular, many microbreweries are member of this association: in my lists they are in uppercase and with a small logo. I point out that it is not a "quality mark", but anyway this shows at least an attention on improving the italian beer culture; and I must say that my favourite micros are all members of the association (of course there can be good breweries that are not part of Unionbirrai, and viceversa!)
For more informations:

Last Updates in short

Here you can find which are the last entries and updates in the main guide; besides, some more references of which I have scarce informations. Check here!

Send me your reviews

Help me improve this guide! I need data about:
- Microbreweries and brewpubs
- Pubs and restaurant with very good beer selection (70 beers or more)
- Pubs with a less wide selection, but still 40 beers or more, which are noteworthy for other reasons (food, service, music etc)
- Pubs having very rare brews or microbrewed beers
- Beer shops with very good beer selection
- Homebrewing shops
Let me have all the info you know (including address etc) using this FORM (not active, no reports needed since updates are not planned)

Other places

There are a few other places that (altough they do not meet the required minimum beer selection) some reviewers - sometimes the owner himself - for some reasons considered worth mentioning. Here is the list


Besides the people already mentioned in the guide - expecially (but not only) Ton and Paolo that sent many more informations - I want to thank also these people


Created by Massimo Faraggi