Label Gallery II

Xmas Labels

These are just a few labels of Xmas beers

That's not precisely a Christmas beer, it's brewed each year in the day of S.Niclaus, hence the name of Samiclaus or Santa Claus, announcing Xmas. It is released exacty the same day one year later. At 14% it claims to be the strongest in the world, but a couple of special and not widely available ales are even stronger.

The beer was originally brewed in the pale and dark version. The previous was the pale, this (in reduced size) was the label of the dark one (or was it the contrary?...) Now only the dark is brewed.

A very good Belgian Xmas Ale

This should be a picture of the brewery itself

This beer was ... good but unexceptional, but I appreciate the effort of the driver to deliver its precious load despite the heavy snow....

This beer (I think) must be drunk one year after its release, note its best-before-end date...

We end with a very good Scotch Ale, just the right one to warm you up after a walk in the snow of the picture!

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